Freedom from
fearsanxietylack of lovedepressionlack of moneylack of confidenceaddictionsperformance blocksescapismdiscord in life

We help raze and recalibrate your mind's operating system so you can thrive mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Be born into your divinity.

How it works

step 1

Choose a therapist and book session.

step 2

Write a few lines about the issue you'd like freedom from.

step 3

Virtually meet your therapist. Birth into your new found vibration.

Wheel of Life

Write your journal

Pour out your emotions; self-awareness is half the battle won. For eons this has been the go to for releasing discord in the psyche.

Track your life's progress

Metrics to monitor your journal usage for each section- preventing you from neglecting any area of your life.

Share with your therapist

Give your therapist a head's up by describing your issue prior to a session.
Always be connected to your therapist by involving them in your continual progress post session.

Lifetime access

Receive unlimited access to this feature once you've booked your first session.

Is DivineYou for you?

We take intentions very seriously. Our philosophy is based on our client's genuine commitment in wanting to heal. While we take pride in our expertise and talent in uprooting negative belief structures of the mind and replacing them with the positive, we are not a remote magic wand.

DivineYou is for you if you are willing to dive into the depths of your emotional body and stir the energies there to emerge empowered. As painful as this might be we promise you sweet victory in the form of positive shifts in your life.

Meet Our Therapists

Hiral Ghaghda

Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner, Cash Flow and Abundance Specialist, Access Bars® Practitioner. Strongly believes in the power of family and its contribution towards a thriving society, and thus passionate about building harmonious relationships.

Priyanka Ghaghda

Rapid Transformational Therapy Pracititioner and Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner. Passionate about achieving freedom from addictions, eliminating escapism and thus guiding consciousness to embody their life purpose.

Our Therapies

Access Bars®

Rapid Transformational Therapy


Spiritual Response Therapy


Kim Shelar


I'm always amazed at what our minds can do though I didn’t access it to work with my stress eating. When I found Priyanka’s introduction in a common group I was so certain that RTT would mostly help me. Don’t be fooled by her young age, she definitely KNOWS what she’s doing and with such ease, confidence and control. What came up was so clear, vivid and made total sense. Would I recommend PRIYANKA- of course, 💯 % If like me you have a particular behavior that logically can’t be explained RTT could be one of the answers and who better than Priyanka.

Sudhi K


Good things come, even if they come late. That’s something that I’ve heard and genuinely believe in my life. With Priyanka’s work in hypnotherapy, I believe she and her work approached me when I needed it the most, and it’s made a significant difference. As someone who tends to preoccupy himself with work and bury work deep down, I was apprehensive to tackle these issues directly that I knew I faced but was not open about at times. Priyanka’s tactic and approach made it not only approachable but comforting, and I think that’s key when someone tries to test something as intimate and, for me, new like hypnotherapy. In terms of the effects, I felt that I needed to focus more on the work at hand without being distracted, and that’s what I sought from Priyanka who was able to deliver. I’m not sure how to word it better, but there seemed to be blocked in my mental head to not distract me, especially for the time that the clearing occurred which proves to me the power of this technique and Priyanka’s mastering of it. At the end of the clearing, I noticed a substantially significant channeling of my energy and focus that I was having trouble before the session that I had. I also appreciated how empathetic Priyanka is when she conducts these sessions. I would, without a doubt, recommend Priyanka to anyone who seeks more clarity and focus in their lives.

Diya Gupta


Like every school going student I faced so much anxiety, socially, mentally, academically. That made me become a more negative, dragged down and unhappy person. Before reaching out to Priyanka, I thought that holistic therapy wouldn’t work because nothing can cure my anxiety. I went ahead with the session, and just breezed through without any discomfort, her process was smooth. She was so supportive the whole time.

Anubhi Ghuwalewala


I approached Priyanka, when I first saw her video on DivineYou’s Youtube page, her concept of all small thoughts into becoming your program resonated with me. I did think there were certain thoughts that put me down, particularly with respect to doubting my own abilities with respect to work, being successful and achieving what I want. I also have noticed over the last year that in periods of particular change and uncertainty, I had anxiety crop up in my everyday life and often would just tackle this myself. Priyanka helped me believe that I could overcome this anxiety and achieve what I wanted, be successful.

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